Industrial Noise & Vibration Control

Excessive noise or vibration from industry can cause annoyance, interference with productive activity, health effects (hearing loss, back injuries) and environmental complaints. Noise or vibration can also cause equipment failures (fatigue) and unacceptable products.

Hugh Williamson Associates has extensive experience in industrial noise and vibration control. Our background in mechanical design and manufacturing means we develop practical noise and vibration control measures which take into account production needs, such as the need for operator supervision and intervention with a production process.

Professional Consulting Services

  • Noise and vibration control for quarries, pits, mines and factories
  • Sophisticated modelling and prediction of noise impacts
  • Noise approval studies
  • Measurement of noise and vibration to industry standards
  • Shock and vibration isolation

Project Experience



Quarries and Recycling Facilities

MoE impact assessment for Certificate of Approval, design of noise abatement measures.

R. W. Tomlinson Limited, Miller Paving, Cavanagh Construction, Tackaberry Construction

Factory Noise Control

Noise assessment and control measures for a food processing factory.

Nestlé Canada

Trenton, Ontario

Noise and Vibration from Quarry Traffic

Assessment of impact on urban areas from truck traffic.

OMYA Canada

Perth, Ontario

Noise and Vibration at Radar Sites, Vibration Condition Monitoring

Investigation of noise and vibration at remote radar site. Develop vibration condition monitoring system.

Nasittuq Corporation &
US Air Force

Labrador & Nunavut